Reflection Pool at the Dallas Arboretum.

I was setting up this photo when a few people just walked right in front of me. The shutter was set for 1/5th second so I went ahead and took the shot knowing the people would be blurred giving me a sensation of movement. Tripod mounted Nikon D750, 20mm f/16, ISO-100. Date December 21, 2015

Downtown Plano Texas - Blue Hour

Downtown Plano 15th Street looking east from the DART Rail line. Tripod mounted Nikon D7000 (APS-C) 12mm f/4.8, 1 second, ISO-100. Date March 23, 2014 7PM (Blue Hour) Processed in PS to remove power lines and parallax. This image won me a 3rd Place Ribbon at the Texas State Fair.

Horse Shoe Bend - Page Arizona

While traveling through the Grand Canyon and several of the State Parks and National Parks in Utah, we especially planned on making this photo. I perched myself as close to the edge as I felt easy knowing it's a thousand feet down to the bottoms. The sun had just set below the far horizon (facing west) and we were right in that time between the Blue Hour and the Golden Hour only with all the California Wild Fire Smoke Haze we see in the distance, it was hard to tell. Next time we hope for a beautiful partly cloudy sunset. Nikon D750 Tripod Mounted 20mm Nikkor Lens, f/5.6, 0.6 second, ISO-800.
Date October 14, 2017 8:12 PM.

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